Issue 3: A Holiday Update

Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate! I wanted to pop in and wish everyone happy holidays. I'm in Arizona with my parents and Jhey, who flew from Tokyo to Honolulu to Seattle, had a day of rest then was forced back to the airport bright and early to get to Phoenix.

We left Seattle the day before a snow and ice storm and I'm so glad we got out when we did because it's been chaos back home with Seattle under a solid sheet of ice. It would have been fine, and we would have made the most of it had we been stuck but it's been nice to be here in the Arizona sunshine. 

We rented a bike for Jhey and he's been out biking with me and showing me up on the jumps and drop-ins into trails. It's not a new experience for him, it's just been a while and it seems to all be coming back. 

While we were out, we stumbled upon the wild horses on the trail. This is my 3rd encounter with them while riding, and my second encounter on the winter solstice. I view them as a good omen, so it was lovely to encounter them with Jhey.

2 wild horses eat a tree in the desert while another walks off to the right behind a bush.

Book Sale! 

My book, Design for Developers, is 50% off today and tomorrow, along with the rest of the Manning Catalog. Snag some new reads for the next year for your reading challenge. 

An image with a holiday present and the text "Merry Christmas, Half off everything!"

Have a lovely weekend,The Web Witch (Stephanie)