Issue 4: Hello 2023

Happy new year friends! The new year is ramping up and I'm getting ready to relocate to Berlin. That is my priority at the moment and while I have a few things like conference talks and podcasts on my mind, I really can't focus on those until I move.

Bits and pieces of my house are packed up. I've reduced the contents of my closet by an amazing amount by asking myself, "would Steph wear this in Berlin or London?" and if the answer is no, I list it for sale or donate it. I've given away some furniture and that feels more liberating than I thought it would. I would love to clear as much unnecessary clutter out and keep it that way.

As for new year resolutions...I don't particularly do them anymore. I have a few things I'd like to focus on that revolve around rebuilding a routine as mine was demolished last year with all my travel. I'm focused on self-care, making more time for rest, and building up my brand, which is something I never thought I'd say but I have some goals that will benefit from it. I also want to be thoughtful about how I build it and provide value to the web community.

Career Things

I'm waiting on the final round of feedback for my book to finish so I can make those edits and get that book on its way to being published. I also have a few graphics to update and replace because I unfortunately can't get a response from anyone at eBay, Petfinder or Nordstrom about permissions to use screenshots. But I am so. close.

Progressive Book Sale At Manning

Save 25% off my book, Design for Developers, until the 8th of January. The more you buy on Manning though, the more you'll save. Now is the time to snag some books for the new year.

On the Web

An Intro to CSS Trigonometric Functions - I'm starting a new blog series focused on new and experimental web platform features through a bit of a product management lens: what problem does this solve for developers and what's the use case.

The “No Zero Days” Productivity Mindset Might Change Your Life - I was reading new year blog posts from people I follow, and I found this link through Olu Online's post. I like this idea of no zero days.

Things CSS Could Still Use Heading Into 2023 - Chris Coyier highlights some items that we're missing in CSS that would make developing much easier.

Mars crater is 'chock-full' of opal gemstones, hinting at widespread water and possible microbial life - Not web related, but this article about gemstones on Mars was pretty neat.

Currently reading...

The Balkans, 1804-2012: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers - My dad let me take this book over Christmas. I'm always reading about English and Scottish history (my mom's side of the family) and my dad's side comes from The Balkans. Excited to venture into a new region of history.

The Gifts of Imperfection - Brené Brown - This was a gift given to me by my mom, so I decided to start it since it's a short book.

The Stormlight Archive: Way of the Kings - I wasn't sure if I was going to continue reading this book and then it suddenly took a turn, and now I am hooked.

Have a lovely weekend,The Web Witch (Stephanie)

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