Web Witch Weekly

Issue 12: Full Circle

After nearly a month in the USA, with family time in Hawaii and Arizona, we’re bringing my pup Vogue back to the UK this weekend. If you’ve followed my journey at all on social media, you know I moved to Berlin last January for work and left my pup with my parents until I could find permanent housing.

Unfortunately that never happened after the company laid off 80% off staff, including me, so I couldn’t get a resident permit and I didn’t want to bring my small Pomeranian over if I didn’t know where I was going to be. Having got my UK resident permit, we were able to plan to bring her back over just over a year later. We have a long day of travel ahead of us but I can’t wait to get her back home.

Career Things

A short update in that I will be speaking at more than one conference this year and I’m very excited about it!

On the Web

12 Modern CSS One-Line Upgrades by Stephanie Eckles - 12 properties that you can start using today that will enhance or upgrade your web project.

User styles by Miriam Suzanne - a brief note on setting your preferences in the browser. Why stick to the default settings? Adjust those settings. It may help you think about building and scaling to accommodate those who aren’t using default settings.

Animating Font Palette by Mandy Michael - A demo and look at the ability to animate font palette that was just shipped in Chrome 121.

If you want to be creative, you can’t be certain by Ida Persson - a great read on how being unsure, uncertain, and embracing that state is key to being creative and letting new ideas flow.

How AI is changing gymnastics judging by Jessica Taylor Price - an interesting look at how AI is being used to “modernize” judging in the sport.

Massive Ancient Network of Cities Found in the Amazon by Jason Kottke - Not specifically web related but kind of tech related. A really cool overview of this recent discovery in Ecuador using lidar.


I’m keeping track of what I’m reading on an Amazon List.

I finished reading:

Over the Edge: Death at the Grand Canyon - Cannot recommend enough. I personally found this a really captivating read and warning to those who don’t respect the nature of the Grand Canyon.

Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, And Dying In The National Parks - after reading Death at the Grand Canyon, I wanted to keep with the National Park theme. Finished in two days.

The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher (The Witcher Saga Book 1) - Back to the fantasy books while I try to find another national park history book to read.

I’m currently reading:

Soul Journeying: Shamanic Tools for Finding Your Destiny and Recovering Your Spirit - A slower read because I’d like to actually take notes and practice some of the exercises.

Not sure what I’m going to dive into on the plane yet, but we’ll see!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Web Witch (Stephanie)