Web Witch Weekly

Issue 11: New Year, Fresh Start

Hello again after a long hiatus. Since we last met, quite a bit has happened. I got married in Denmark, I went back to the US so I could apply for my UK Visa. I successfully got my UK Visa and went back to the UK at the end of November. I’ve been interviewing, taking on freelance work, working on my Etsy shop, planning a kitchen remodel, planning the absolute trek to get my dog to the UK at the end of the month and trying to figure out what’s next.

We spent the second week of the year in Hawaii with family and family friends and had a nice chill week of watching whales spout from the shore and consuming many mai tais. We’re in Phoenix now and I’m taking the pup to all her appointments so we can take her back to the UK. I’m excited to finally get her home with us!

Career Things

Layoffs still continue and trying to find a job right now is really hard. I’ve also been in a weird state of flux with a lot of life admin and moving to the UK which makes it hard to interview. I’ve been working on my own content and started recording content again - just short form for the moment. You can follow along on YouTube for CSS & Design Tips.

I’m doing design and product consulting work still, if you’re in need of design work, a design and/or UX audit of your website, or product strategy work feel free to get in touch. 

I received my first quarterly statement from my publisher, which covers all book sales up until the end of September 2023 - I’ve sold over 3000 copies!

I’m also speaking at my first conference after a year off from speaking: Pixel Pioneers in Bristol. Very much looking forward to it!

Book links: Manning | Amazon (even adding it to your wishlist helps bump up visibility)

On the Web

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? by Dave Rupert - A lovely read on content curation and personal websites.

I miss human curation by Cassidy Williams - Something I find myself musing on quite often. The web is a different place to what it was even 10 years ago and there’s an element missing that I can’t quite seem to find again.

Accessible Notifications With Aria Live Regions (Part 1) by Sara Soueidan - Sara has shared a text-only excerpt from her Practical Accessibility video course so that the development community has an extensive guide to Aria Live regions.

Edge DevTools Tip: Explain Errors With AI - In the Edge Developer Tools, you can use Copilot AI to explain console errors.

Publishing your work increases your luck - A great reminder and guide to working in public & a piece that reminds me of my first conference talk, which was about luck and landing your dream job and showing up in public spaces as the person you wanted to be and the role you wanted to have.


I’ve started the year strong and have been really focusing on reading more than mindlessly scrolling. I even deleted reddit from my phone (my husband gasped).

I’m keeping track of what I’m reading on an Amazon List.

I finished books 8 & 9 of the Outlander Series: Written In My Own Heart’s Blood and Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. (Can’t believe there’s only one book left in the series).

I’m currently reading:

Over the Edge: Death at the Grand Canyon - which is honestly probably a bit grimmer of a read (especially for me) but if you’ve been to the Grand Canyon, it’s even more powerful of a read.

Soul Journeying: Shamanic Tools for Finding Your Destiny and Recovering Your Spirit - I bought this ages ago in 2018 and never read it but it called to me and seems like a timely read especially after a very hard 2023.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Web Witch (Stephanie)